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How to always have something to wear

Styledge Image Consulting has taken on the mantra of the wonderul Gok Wan “Shop less and wear more” Let’s take a look at how you can always have something wear!

1 Find out once and for all what really suits you. Invest in a colour and style consultation (of course).
2 Decide on a look that’s right for you. One that works with your personality, budget and lifestyle.
3 Decide on three basic colours. These need to either match or will co-ordinate with what you own and buy only those three colours for your basic pieces.
4 Establish a workable budget. Remember the cost per wearing formula. Things you wear the most are worth extra dollars.
5 Make a list of all the items you need in your wardrobe e.g., a solid blazer, wool pants, white shirt etc.
6 Set aside an hour of time each week to shop.
7 Think carefully about each purchase. Will it go with at least 3 other things in your wardrobe? Can it be dressed up and down? Is it trans-seasonal? Will it date quickly?
8 Avoid trendy items. Or at least spend very little on them.
9 Buy fabrics that will span two to three seasons — like wool, crepe or matt jersey.
10 Add punchy colour and fashion flare with accessories!
Why look Good when you can look Great!

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