Update Your Image with a Personal Colour Analysis


Jane Allen is a trained colour consultant from Canberra who believes that colour is the new black!  Having  your very own personal colour analysis is one the  easiest ways to up update your image.

While wearing an unflattering colour may not be fatal, it can damage your image. By wearing the colours that best suit you, you will appear healthier, younger, and more alert and energetic. Having your very own colour consultation is like having a mini makeover!

Psychologists have long established that colour is the first thing noticed about a person’s appearance.

‘Black was my default colour!! I knew it didn’t suit me, but didn’t have the confidence to step out and change the status quo. Returning to work after six years being a full time mum, I needed a confidence boost and a new wardrobe. Styledge Image Consulting has given me knowledge, tools and most importantly confidence to find the colours and clothes that suit me. Despite what fashion dictates, I know what looks great on me! I can now shop and dress with a minimum of fuss and time. No more changing ten times before leaving the house, no more black… and unexpectedly heaps of compliments.”


Styledge Image Consulting is Canberra’s only trained Colour Consultant  that uses the Flow Colour Method of Colour Analysis which recognises:

Colour Analysis
  • That you are not just one colour season but rather a blend between two
  • That every flow colour season requires colours to be combined with a particular contrast level to achieve your best look
  • That personal colouring changes with age
  • There are many fantastic hair and contact lens options for everyone, however they may change the range of colours you wear best

When your image improves, your performance improves…Zig Zigler

You Will Receive

A high quality laminated swatch with 60 of your best colours for your complexion. You will also learn about your personal contrast level and we will highlight the perfect colours which will enhance your hair, skin and eyes. We will also recommend the right colours for your make-up and determine your face shape to help you select flattering hairstyles and eye wear.

A Flow Colour Analysis can be obtained by personal colour consultation or group consultation, or via mail-order.
Contact Us to arrange your personal colour consultation today or buy now to make a booking.

Your investment, $295.00, the benefits of your personal colour analysis is when shopping with your swatch you will choose garments that will combine beautifully and you will become colour confident (approx 90 mins).

Book in for your Colour consult today or call Jane for more information call 0438 837 808