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Monthly archive for February 2010

WARNING: Some of your clothes may be making you look older!

It easy to become lazy with the way we dress as we age. Life is busy and as we get older it becomes harder to find clothes that suit our changing body shape. Often something major such as a divorce or even a simple negative comment can spark a rethink about our wardrobe.What we wear has a dramatic impact on how young or old we appear to be, and some styles and colours make us look instantly older by their association with the elderly.Stereotyping is an interesting phenomena. When we think of a little old lady what image comes to

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What is in your closet?

Cleaning out closets are not fun especially as you scrutinize over each item wondering whether to keep or throw away.But are your clothes following or breaking the rules? Do some outfits make you look heavier or slimmer than the other? Is the fabric too shiny, is the hemline the right length and does the neckline flatter your face shape? Here are few tips on what to keep and what to throw out when giving your wardrobe a serious workout.KeepAny garment that you feel great in. Clothes can be likened to rela-tionships. If they can be trusted, forgiving and forever loyal,

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