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Thigh-high Boots–Thigh-high-boots-over-the-knee-boots-trend-2010-1603.html

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Are you an Image Breaker??

The way you dres sends a message about who you are and how you want the world to see you. Clothes are the biggest form of non-verbal communication. So imagine as you prepare to get dressed everyday, project yourself on a giant billboard. How will people respond to your image and what impression will you give? An image breaker will let you down more than you know. Not that you have to be perfect, but attending to the finer details of your total look maybe the difference between getting that promotion you have been preparing for.Here are my top 5

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Love the skin you’re in.

Perception is reality and often, when we face our mirror each day, we tend to only focus on the bad bits. This is not healthy for our self esteem and our already poor body image. But we are so used to picking out all the bad bits and forgetting that we all have great features too!Styledge Image Consulting is all about accentuating the great and mitigating the not so great.Next time you are getting dressed take a good look at yourself naked, if you dare, and really check yourself out. Yes you may have some flaws but look harder and

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Style Factors

As much as we love Kath and Kim and we can laugh at their sense of ‘umour but their dress sense is less than desirable. We all see or know people (including ourselves, shudder the thought) who have on the odd occasion got their look totally wrong! So how do we avoid making those mistakes?First of all we have to really know and understand our body shape because certain styles will suit certain body shapes. This is what we call our silhouette. Secondly, the garment has to fit well and thirdly it must be in proportion, which is determined by

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How to shop like a DIVA!!

We have all been there and bought things that we have never worn, but don’t fret, there are some clever ways to look stylish and current anywhere at any time – even on a budget. Here’s how:1. Never buy on impulse.2. Every $20 you don’t spend on that sale item which clutters up your closet is $20 lost towards something far more fabulous, like a designer outfit or that brilliantly made garment that you will always look great in.3. Save that $20 in a special place, hold that impulse 10 times and bingo you can suddenly afford that $200 Cue

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