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Your Wardrobe Choices Pt3

LOVE YOUR CLOTHESBesides your wardrobe fitting and suiting your shape, colouring and proportions, you really should absolutely love what you wear. Our clothes represent who we are, so buy clothes which are compatible with you. Do you LOVE it?Our wardrobe should be an exciting place to visit rather than a place of constant frustration but unfortunately the latter often applies. To love something means that garment or accessory makes you feel amazing or inspires you in some way. Your wardrobe tells a story, and to figure out the plotline, you need to see its heroes and villains. How do we

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Your Wardrobe Choices Pt 2

Your Wardrobe Choices Last month Styledge Image Consulting discussed how your wardrobe should be a fun and inspiring place to visit instead. We want to get dressed not stressed!! Today we are looking at the second point of what should be hanging in your wardrobe!!! I believe everything in your wardrobe should…SUIT YOU! 1.Your colouring and complexion. Wearing the right colours in the right contrast is vital for you to look your absolute best. Using your personal swatch enables you to select the right colours every time. Perhaps you are confident in choosing some of your colours but why not

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Your Wardrobe Choices

Styledge Image Consulting believes your wardrobe should be a fun and inspiring place to visit, but most often we become totally frustrated by trying to work out what we should wear. We have to make choices about what style or which look we would like to portray every single day. No wonder many struggle with this daily routine!When we look good, we feel good and when we feel good not only do we treat ourselves differently but others treat us differently too. We tend to be more productive and feel totally confident about ourselves. So looking good can certainly make

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