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Monthly archive for September 2009

Spring Clean

It is such a satisfying feeling when we finally rack up the courage and the energy to hit those long awaiting cupboards, closets, garages, basements and spare rooms to purge and de-clutter items that are no use to us anymore. You may need to call your dearest and closest friends, or perhaps the local priest, to help you lay to rest those things you know that “just have to go”. My suggestion is have a final word of prayer in memory of such things that once gave you pleasure and bury all items and know they are going to a

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Spring has Sprung!!!

Spring is here at last! Time to sift through our wardrobe and get rid of the dead wood. Garments that do not represent who we truly are should be swiftly removed so that the clothes we choose to wear on a daily basis are a reflection of our inner selves.When we establish our personal style we learn to shop with purpose and discernment. Garments that have hanger appeal will have to pass the style test. Seriously when it comes down to it does the garment speak our language?Personal style is a journey of self discovery and it is important that

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