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Monthly archive for July 2009

Define Your Style

Once you discover your own individual style you will never be dictated to by the latest trends or outlandish fashions that bombard us every season. I have said in the past and I will say it again that just because something is in fashion does not mean it’s going to look fashionable on you. Developing your own sense of style is so liberating because you choose what defines you and not what you see currently in the shops or in the latest magazines.We have looked up to fashion icons such as Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Dianna and many others

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Most Women want to look Youthful, not necessarily Younger.

Let me list 5 keys to maintaining a youthful appearance regardless of your age: 1.Inner Outlook; a positive and optimistic outlook creates a joyful spirit, smiling eyes and a peaceful countenance. 2. Good food and exercise; helps you feel and look younger. Exercise will stimulate muscles, increases metabolism and relaxes your mind. 3. Hairstyle; changing your hairstyle is one of best ways to look youthful. A modern haircut can takes years off. It lifts and rejuvenates the face and elongates the neck. Don’t forget colour! Colouring your hair is probably the most dramatic thing you can do to turn back

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Body Con

Hi Girls, Today we are living in such an image-conscious society. So many choices, so many promises. Yet, some women go to great lengths to hold onto their youth. But are the results worth it? Is the statement “no pain, no gain” true or false? Age is not a number, it is an attitude. We can look fantastic at any age so don’t let a number dictate the way we dress. Despite this, I do realise we can trip up trying to look absolutely fabulous instead looking like mutton dressed up as lamb. Let me ask you this, when should

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