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Monthly archive for May 2009

The Power of Colour

Colour affects every moment of our lives even though most of our colour choices are unconscious. Colour subconsciously plays an important role in the psychology of humans. It can be a major persuasion factor in our emotions and it can seriously raise our mood or bring us down, especially if we have associated a colour with a particular idea, event or person. Even the colours in the natural world have a predictable general effect on people.Colour is reflective, so when worn near the face it reflects up onto the skin hair and eyes.Colour can enhance or detract from a person’s

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What sort of Coffee are You???

WHAT SORT OF COFFEE ARE YOU? Because it is something that most people consume, coffee is a great way to illustrate the power of image. Moccona has a very good reputation and is priced at a premium. It is in an attractively shaped glass bottle dressed with a gold wrapper. It feels substantial when held. It is quick and easy to make plus it tastes good. It also is very consistent. Home Brand on the other hand has a dubious reputation. It looks plain and cheap. It has no handling appeal and commonly tastes ordinary and cannot be relied upon.

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Your Image Matters

What is Image?One definition of image is: The perception held by the public about a person, product or organisation.Everyday we unconsciously decide who and what we bring into our lives; from the products we buy to whom we choose to be friends with and do business with. We live in a fast moving world and now have to make snap decisions based on our intuition. Thus the perception of others can make or break careers, concepts and organisations.Portraying the right image is vitally important. What we wear has a direct effect on how we feel and how we project ourselves.

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Change is GOOD!!

Change is good. Many of us can be opposed to change because we like routine, structure and formats. Being stuck in a paradigm however, can also cause limitations both internally and externally, especially when it comes to image. It may take the smallest thing to bring change to your appearance which will make an impact to the way you look. Most of my clients come to me because they are either stuck in a style rut or simply have lost their confidence when it comes to fashion. When you recognise the time for change and are willing to implement some

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