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Monthly archive for February 2009

What are your clothes saying about you???

If your image was projected upon a massive screen for all to see, what message are your clothes sending? What perception would they make of you simply based on what you are wearing?We live in a very fast paced world where people now have to make judgements and form opinions quickly. It takes 7 seconds or less to make a first impression and 55% is based on your appearance.Our clothes give us the greatest opportunity to reflect who we are on the inside for all to see. Our visual appearance whether you like it or not demonstrates confidence, loyalty, trustworthyness,

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Buying the right clothes for you body shape

Buying the right clothes for your body shape  will make all the difference in helping you look your best. In my experience in fashion, helping women choose the right garments for their shape and size is an absolute joy. Nothing satisfies me more than having clients feel so amazing and confident with their purchases. I have witnessed women hiding under their garments making them appear bigger than they really are. I totally believe in embracing your shape and enjoying the skin you are in! So whatever your shape, learn to love it. We all have problem areas that’s a given

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Do you know your bra size??

Most women 70% actually (and I know via first hand experience) are not wearing the right size bra!! After a visit to DJ’s returning a lovely bra and knickers set that my darling husband bought me (in the wrong size!), I was shocked and surprised that the girls had gone up a cup!! I neglected to realise that not only had my body shape changed but my boobs had too… Now, I am so much more aware when shopping with clients to endeavour to seek out great underwear as it is the foundation for making our outerwear look fantastic. With

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